All-Change For Wandsworth Rubbish Collection Services

Including free garden waste collections and change to most residents' collection days

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A new-look five-day refuse collection service in Wandsworth will see the return of free garden waste collections, and end to Saturday pick-ups, an annual drop of orange bags delivered to front doors and a change to most residents' collection days.

From April 1, Wandsworth's refuse service will see an end to scheduled Saturday dustbin/sack pick-ups - meaning residents in Putney and Roehampton will no longer be woken up around 7am by refuse trucks and weekend traffic will not face being held up by collection vehicles.

Residents will also see the introduction of split-back collection vehicles on the borough's streets, which can carry general rubbish in one compartment and mixed recycling in the other - also aimed at cutting down the number of lorries on roads.

Under the changes, residents will be allowed to leave out garden waste for collection with their rubbish, with all of it being sent to a facility at Belvedere that converts waste into electricity for the National Grid.

The changes, which come into effect when responsibility for the service moves from Biffa to new contractor Serco on April 1, will involve an alteration to most people's collection days.

Residents can check their new refuse collection, street cleansing and orange sack delivery days online by visiting Wandsworth Council's website -

The borough's environment spokesman, Councillor Jonathan Cook, said: "The various alterations to the refuse service as it moves from six day to five day collections are expected to save the council £907,000 each year compared to the current annual cost.

"The introduction of split-back collection vehicles on the borough's streets will help to reduce the vehicle miles involved in collecting the waste along with associated carbon emissions. It will also make it easier for the main street cleansing operation to clear any spillages promptly as it follows on behind waste collection."

The changes will also see the council deliver three rolls of 30 orange recycling sacks once annually instead of keeping with the current system, which sees one roll delivered four times each year.

The council has no plans to start collecting food waste separately due to the high cost and limited environmental benefits. Residents are encouraged to home compost their kitchen waste and the Council has negotiated special offers on containers to help them do so. To view them visit

However, for those who are not able or do not want to home-compost, the town hall has teamed up with a local firm to offer a significant discount on in-sink food waste disposers, which offer a clean and efficient way to dispose of food waste.

For more information about Wandsworth's waste and recycling services should call 020 8871 8558 or email

March 2, 2012