Wandsworth Clothes Swap

Recycle or swap your old clothes to mark European Week for Waste Reduction


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In Wandsworth textiles cannot be recycled in orange sacks or recycling banks, so the council has created two special textile-themed green pledges to encourage local people to do something useful with old clothes. Visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk and click on 'pledge to recycle your old clothes'.
Alternatively, if you want to donate your unwanted clothes to charity, go to www.wandsworth.gov.uk/howtorecycle and click 'clothes' for details of your nearest clothing banks.
Another form of recycling would be to give clothes away at a clothes-swapping party, known as 'swishing' parties. Visit www.swishing.com to get details of clothes swapping events, or to get tips on how to organise your own.
Clothes, shoes, curtains, bedding, handbags and rugs in good condition can also, of course, be taken to your local charity shop.
Email greenpledge@wandsworth.gov.uk or call (020) 8871 6233 to get help and advice.

November 25, 2010