Nurses Win Prize For Smoking Support Referrals

While drop-in clinics run locally for those hoping to quit

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Wandsworth NHS Stop Smoking Service

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Nurses from the pre-operative care centre (POCC) at St George's Hospital, have received a prize for referring the highest number of patients to the new smokers support team.

Patients attending an appointment at the POCC or an outpatient clinic at St George's are asked if they would like to speak to the smokers support team, where information and advice is given on NHS services available to help them quit.

Staff from the POCC were thanked by Peter Jenkinson, director of corporate affairs, and Trudi Kemp, director of strategic development. Nurses later met 'Big Cig', mascot for smoking support.

Nurse specialist Wendy Kite, who designed the referral pathway, said: "This new system has only been in place since July and already the POCC team have generated over 100 referrals. Other outpatient clinics across the hospital are also participating in the scheme, and so far we have reached a total of nearly 400 patients referred to this scheme."

Dr Ros Given-Wilson, medical director, said: "I am delighted with the response from staff who are already referring and would recommend that all outpatient clinics join this referral pathway. It is absolutely vital that we continue with this highly successful project."

There will be pop up drop-in clinics running in Asda in Clapham Junction and Roehampton in January to help smokers who want to quit as part of their New Year's resolutions. For more information and support from Wandsworth NHS Stop Smoking Service visit or call 0800 389 7921.

January 7, 2013