Wandsworth Police Target Licensing Issues

As part of pan London Operation Condor

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On Friday 29th June and Saturday 1st July 2012 Wandsworth Borough police played an active role in the delivery of Operation Condor - a pan London operation targeting licensing issues that affect all our communities.

Commander Mak Chishty, the MPS lead, said:
"Licensing laws are there for good reason, breaking them is not acceptable and is illegal. Those who break the laws harm our communities by selling knives, harmful substances or alcohol to young people will be targeted. We want to ensure that alcohol in our pubs and clubs is sold and consumed in a responsible way and on our roads vehicles, such as taxis are properly licensed and safe."

He continued:
"This is why so many of my officers are out and busy stopping cars at transport hotspots to check for correct documentation, visiting newsagents, off-licences, supermarkets and betting shops to ensure and test licensing laws are being followed correctly. We are also targeting pubs and clubs to make sure they are strictly applying their permits. Licensing impacts upon everyday community life.
The results of unlicensed activity on our streets can find the form of underage drinkers acting unsociably close to where we live, unlicensed mini-cabs endangering passengers by making uninsured journeys and also shops who potentially encourage the circulation of stolen items by not correctly checking the history of second hand goods offered for sale.”

Over 170 Wandsworth Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers were deployed across the Borough and worked with partner agencies to deliver a wide range of activities including:-

• Scrap metal dealer checks.
• Cash converting/second hand dealer checks
• Firearms License Holder checks
• Underage Sale of Alcohol Test purchase operation with the Met Volunteer Cadets
• Targeted Patrol of locations and premises known for Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) with Met Special Constables
• Targeted patrol of Wandsworth Parks and open spaces.
• Vehicle Checks using Automatic Number Plate Readers (ANPRs) with Traffic Officers
• Fast food outlets and restaurants checks with the UK Borders Agency
• Pubs, bars and clubs licensing checks with Local Authority Licensing
• Targeted patrol in Entertainment Hubs with Drug Dogs
• Minicab Licensing Checks

The extensive policing activity produced the following results:-

• 24 Underage Alcohol Test Purchases completed and 5 retailers found guilty of breaches and issued with Penalty Notices.
• 98 venues known for Anti Social Behaviour targeted for visits by uniform officers and staff.
• 167 licensing visits completed and 30 minor breaches detected which will be followed up by MPS and Local Authority Licensing.
• 112 Security Industry Authority (SIA) completed and 1 person arrested for breach of Security Industries legislation.
• 1 drugs search warrant executed and resulted in the seizure of a small amount of drugs.
• 105 vehicles and minicabs stopped. 1 driver arrested for drug dealing, 1 driver arrested for driving offences, 3 vehicles seized for no insurance and 10 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) issued.
• 101 Stop and Searches and 167 Stop and Accounts completed.
• 6 Cannabis Warnings issued.
• 13 other arrests for other offences including drugs and immigration breaches.

Crime Analysis is ongoing but it is anticipated that offending, especially thefts in licensed premises, is much reduced.

Boris Johnson, The Mayor of London, said:
"Whether it's unlicensed minicabs which endanger women, the illegal sale of alcohol or the selling of weapons to our young people, this immoral behaviour contributes to serious crime across London. That is why operations like this by the Met are so important and I hope this crackdown will be every bit as successful as past efforts."

July 2, 2012