Borough Commander Welcomes & Thanks Outside Forces

As external police forces give support in run up to the games

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David Chinchen

Police in Putney

Police in Wandsworth

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You may have noticed in the past few days that we are receiving assistance in London from a number of UK Police Forces as was planned for the Olympic policing operation. Some of these additional officers are being deployed to Wandsworth including, so far, those from Cheshire, West Mercia, Greater Manchester and Lothian and Borders.

All these additional officers are receiving briefings before they are deployed in the Borough and in most cases are assigned a local officer to ensure that they are aware of, and sensitive to, all the Borough's policing and safety issues.

Yesterday we had substantial policing numbers as the Torch passed through.

I fully intend that all this additional police strength is deployed to sustaining and improving the reductions in crime that we have seen in recent years. There may be some unfamiliar accents but I am delighted to see them here and witness their engagement with the policing challenges on the Borough.

David Chinchen
Wandsworth Borough Commander

July 24, 2012

July 27, 2012