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Contemporary photo exhibition at Wandsworth Museum

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Wandsworth Museum

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Home, My Place in the World
4 May – 14 September 2013

The Borough of Wandsworth has, for many centuries, been a destination for migrants. Migration is now one of the defining features of our time. The International Organisation for Migration’s 2011 World Migration Report states that although we live in an era of the greatest human mobility in recorded history, migration remains a hugely misunderstood issue.

Wandsworth Museum’s summer exhibition of contemporary photography, in partnership with Accademia Apulia UK, explores concepts of migration and home via images from the first three years of the annual Accademia Apulia Photography Award.

Over 50 striking images will be featured in this first-ever exhibition of award entries, created by photographers from across Europe. From 25 June, the exhibition will also showcase works by the winner of this year’s award. During the exhibition’s run, talks and seminars on the themes it highlights will also take place at the Museum.

Launched in 2008, Accademia Apulia UK is a non-profit multi-ethnic organisation based in London, which was set up to foster cultural and professional exchange and innovation between communities across Europe.

The Accademia’s commitment to nourishing an international artistic dialogue is reflected in its annual photography award – an art prize designed specifically to promote cultural diversity and to encourage and celebrate emerging artists. www.accademiapulia.org.

May 2, 2013