Wandsworth Architects Fulfil A Dream In Malawi

James Snell and Richard David update us their African build

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"Last year we promised to send out an update on where we had got to with our support for the Malawi Dream Resource Centre on Likoma Island. We are now very proud to be able to do so!

THANK YOU so much to those that have been kind enough to send in contributions to this fantastic project – we are extremely grateful to you all. With the help of other contributors this has now meant that the project has got under way. Construction is now well-progressed. Every penny that you have donated has gone directly towards this particular project.

We are now able to show you these site photographs – you will no doubt share our excitement that progress is good and that it will not be long before the facility makes a very positive contribution to the quality of life of so many. It is an added bonus that the project has created job opportunities through the construction work.

The efforts of Malawi Dream brings a much-improved quality of life to the residents of Likoma Island
, and the charity has launched a new campaign for children’s books, girls knickers and used greetings cards.

Your opportunity to help does not stop here! The Resource Centre will need all kinds of equipment as well as sunglasses, audio books, hearing aids, crutches, sticks and, of course, tools for the workshop. For those of you have not yet donated and feel minded to do so please send any contributions (cheques payable to Malawi Dream) c/o Snell David Architects, 73 Lighterman’s Walk, Point Pleasant, Wandsworth, London SW18 1PR.

The Resource Centre project has been much more rewarding to us than any 10-year anniversary party would have been! It will be there helping the disadvantaged for many years to come. Snell David Architects really hope to have the opportunity to help Sonia Waters and Malawi Dream with further building projects."

Richard David and James Snell
David Architects

March 26, 2012