Local MP Discusses Crime Concerns With New Inspector Of Police

Justine Greening meets with Keith Gardner

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Justine Greening, Member of Parliament for Putney Roehampton and Southfields has met with the new local Inspector of Police, Keith Gardner, to discuss local crime concerns.

Although overall crime is down in Wandsworth by 8.5% across the borough, the police have raised specific concerns about the increased levels of theft from motor vehicles, particularly along residential side roads around Putney High Street, mainly in Thamesfield, West Putney and Roehampton.

Justine said: “It is obviously concerning to hear that we have had such a rise in theft from motor vehicles but it is good news that the police are increasing patrols around these affected areas. Inspector Gardner also asked me to flag up to residents that an effective way to help reduce your car’s chance of being broken into, is to ensure any items left in our cars are clearly out of sight.”

Justine continues to work with our local police on crime issues across Putney, Roehampton and Southfields, so if you have any concerns you would like to raise then please do get in touch by emailing greeningj@parliament.uk or calling on 0208 946 4557.

In any emergency you should always call 999, but if you wish to contact the police directly about a matter which is not an emergency you can contact them on the non emergency number by dialling 101.  

Further information and advice about how to protect yourself from vehicle crime can be found on the Metropolitan Police Website: http://www.met.police.uk/crimeprevention/vehicle.htm

January 17, 2011