New Power Points For Electric Cars

Part of a network of 816 points across the capital

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Four on-street electric vehicle charging points have been installed across the borough to help the fledgling electric car market gain a stronger foothold in south west London.

Electric cars help to cut air pollution as they produce no exhaust emissions. They are also virtually silent.

The new charging points are part of the Source London Network which includes 816 on and off-street power points across the capital. Scheme members can use any of these facilities to top-up their batteries. Electric cars make up a very small percentage of vehicles in London and investment in new charging infrastructure is required to make them a more accessible transport option.

The new on-street charging points are located at:

• Coverton Road, Tooting
• St John's Avenue, Putney
• Spencer Park, Wandsworth Common
• Grant Road, Clapham Junction

Off-street charging points are available at:

• Mapleton Road car park, Wandsworth, (near the Wandle Recreation Centre)
• Putney Leisure Centre car park, Dryburgh Road, Putney

Wandsworth’s environment spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: "Councils have a key role to play in encouraging growth in the electric car market. Every new power point we install makes it easier for local people to use these zero emission vehicles.

“Diesel and petrol engines are responsible f or the vast majority of London’s air pollution. We have to think long term and do everything we can to promote the use of greener transport options.”

A number of private companies have provided publically accessible charging points within Wandsworth and across the capital. For the exact location of all Source London charging points visit the Source London website.

November 20, 2012