Do You Have War Memories Or Stories To Share?

To form part of a local exhibition on the day-to-day life of a soldier

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Members of the public who have memories or stories to share about the borough during WWI and WWII are being called on to do so as part of a special exhibition.
Baptist Coelho, an artist from India, wants to hear from local residents, ex military or family, relatives and friends of soldiers who are directly or indirectly connected to the First and Second World Wars – and/or current wars and conflicts.
He plans on using the research to form the basis of his artwork for an exhibition at Battersea Park’s Pump House Gallery, which will focus on the life of a soldier – not as a military professional but an individual with emotions and vulnerabilities like anyone else.
The Mumbai-based artist, who has been awarded an artist residency in the UK, wants to use the history of Battersea Park and the borough during WWI and WWII as a starting point for his project.
Mr Coelho has assured contributors that they will remain anonymous and unattributed should they wish.
The exhibition – MAPPING (THOUGHTS) (London – Wandsworth, 2011-12) – will run at the Pump House from March 15th to May 20th.
If you have a story to tell Mr Coelho email the details to or write to him at Baptist Coelho c/o Pump House Gallery, Battersea Park, London SW11 4NJ.
For more information about what is on at the gallery, visit  and sign-up to the email mailing list.
Alternatively call Laura Eldret on 020 8871 7572 or email

January 27th, 2012