Wandsworth's Lifelong Learning Award 2012

Goes to man who has battled memory and mobility problems

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A 41-year-old man who has battled memory and mobility problems has been named Adult Learner of the Year at an awards ceremony celebrating education.

The Wandsworth Lifelong Learning Awards recognised the borough's highest achieving adult learners - rewarding them for their commitment and success over the past 12 months.

During the evening more than 200 residents were presented with certificates of achievement in a variety of subjects including business administration, information technology, numeracy, book-keeping, literacy and English for speakers of other languages.

A number of young people and adults on apprenticeship programmes also took to the stage at Wandsworth's Civic Suite on July 12 to receive certificates.

Sinan Dumano, a student at community venue Battersea Chapel, was named Wandsworth Council's 2012 Adult Learner of the Year.

Mr Dumano sustained serious head injuries a few years ago, which affected his memory and mobility. However, he overcame these challenges to successfully complete courses in literacy and information technology.

As well as actively supporting and encouraging others to learn, Mr Dumano clocked up a 100 per cent attendance record while completing the two courses.

He said: "Receiving this honour is the best thing that has happened to me in the last 12 years. Winning an award like this is not something that happens every day so I am going to hang on to that.

"I am also going to hang on to the new chance that this course has given me."

Also on the night, Linette Price, head of adult and community learning at South Thames College, was acknowledged for her outstanding contribution to lifelong learning.

Ms Price has worked in the borough for many years, developing a strong ethos of lifelong learning in the college and beyond.

Simon Beer, programme director at the National Institute for Continuing Education, said: "There is such a strong tradition and commitment to lifelong learning in Wandsworth and the choice of programmes is impressive.

"It certainly makes my life a lot easier when I'm demonstrating the positive impacts of lifelong learning, that boroughs like Wandsworth, and others like them, are so effective in reaching thousands of people."

The council's cabinet member for education, Councillor Kathy Tracey, said: "Every year I'm amazed by just how many people are here and the range of their achievements.

"About 12,000 people have participated in an extensive range of programmes over the past year. It really is tremendous that we have such a wealth of programmes to choose from.

"Of the 650 courses available it really makes me think that I should enrol on something this September."

The evening also included a premiere of a short film showcasing many of the courses and opportunities available across the borough, which can be seen here.

To learn more about adult education classes for 2012/13 visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/adulteducation or call 020 8871 8626 for a brochure.

July 21, 2012