New Rules For Dog Owners In The Pipeline

Dog control orders to promote responsible ownership

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Wandsworth Council


Councillors gave their backing to ensure that owners who allow their pets to cause problems can be tackled swiftly and effectively.

The orders are likely to come into effect in March and are being introduced following extensive public consultation last year.

The new rules will replace a series of existing but outdated bye-laws and also cover areas not currently regulated in any way.

The main change will see the entire borough covered by 'poop-scoop' rules. Owners will no longer be able to let their dogs foul in the gutter or the road surface without removing it.

Dogs will also need to be kept on a lead whilst being walked on the public highway in places like town centres and residential streets.

The existing dog ban areas in some of the borough's parks will continue to apply to common-sense places like children's playgrounds, tennis courts, sports pitches, lakes and bowling greens. Dogs will also need to be kept on leads in very specific areas of open space such as car parks and outdoor eating areas. In virtually all other places they can be exercised as normal.

Environment spokesman Sarah McDermott said: "Most responsible dog owners will not notice much of a change because they already follow their own straightforward and sensible set of rules that prevent their pets from causing any problems.

"What we are seeking to do is have a clear, coherent and uniform set of rules so that all owners know exactly what they can and can’t do. This will allow us to tackle irresponsible and thoughtless dog owners with much greater effect."


January 13, 2010