Send Your Form Back To Avoid The Knock On The Door

Reminder on voter registration forms

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Households that have not yet returned their electoral registration forms to the town hall are being urged to do so now and being reminded it’s a legal requirement.

The forms were hand delivered to every home in the borough last month. By law they must be completed and returned - even if members of the household have no intention of voting in any forthcoming election or are not eligible to vote.

To ensure that the borough's electoral register is as complete as possible, council staff will this weekend begin visiting homes that have not yet returned their forms. Their job will be to speak directly to residents on their doorsteps to obtain this legally required information.

To avoid this inconvenience, people who have not yet registered are being reminded about the wide range of quick and easy options they can use instead.

The process can be done online, by phone and even by (SMS) text message. Alternatively people can return their form by fax or drop it in to the town hall. They can also post their completed form in the accompanying prepaid envelope. There is no need to use a stamp, but people must remember to sign the form.

The freephone, online or text facilities are only available to households whose details have not changed since last year’s canvass. People who choose one of these convenient options must quote the unique reference number contained on their form and follow the printed instructions. Signed and completed forms can also be returned by faxing (020) 8871 8382.

Head of Electoral Services Neil Kennett said:
"It is a legal requirement for people to provide this information. It is simple and easy to do and should not take more than a couple of minutes. Registering by post, by fax or via the secure freephone, online or text message also means that you won't have the inconvenience of someone calling at your door to chase up your details."

"People should not assume that they are automatically registered because they have voted before or because they pay council tax. Returning your forms promptly and avoiding the expense of arranging lots of follow-up calls will also help us keep council tax bills down."

September 4, 2012

September 4, 2012