Five Reasons To Commute By Bicycle

Learn the secrets to commuter cycling with British Cycling & the council

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Anyone tempted to lead a healthier, more active life by cycling to and from work can learn the best routes in and out of London at a free commuter cycling event.

British Cycling’s top five reasons to commute by bicycle:
• It’s healthy – a middle-aged cyclist is typically as fit as someone ten years younger.
• It’s cheap – it will save you money from petrol, public transport and gym membership.
• It’s faster – on your bike you can be twice as fast as in a car, no more wondering if the tube will be delayed.
• It’s environmentally friendly – cycling reduces C2O emissions.
• It’s good for the economy – cyclists contribute £230 each to the economy.

British Cycling, in partnership with Wandsworth Council and Sky, is helping commuters who are looking for an alternative to paying for public transport by hosting guide-led rides from Wandsworth Park to Westminster Abbey.

At 10am this Saturday, September 1, the “Give commuting a try” ride will follow a typical commuter route into the heart of the city making use of the cycle super highway. A second organised ride will take place later in September, on Saturday 22.

The rides will be led by trained British Cycling ride leaders, who will give tips and advice on how to ride in busy traffic and also explain how to plan an effective commuter route.

Wandsworth Council’s transport spokesman, Councillor Russell King, said:
“These rides give anyone who has considered commuting by bicycle the chance to experience a tried and tested route and build up confidence before cycling to work themselves. One of the key aims of the council’s Travel Choices campaign is to make different ways to travel as appealing and convenient as possible.”

The ride is also an opportunity to meet other like-minded people who live nearby, and possibly find a bike buddy to commute with.

For more information and to register for this Saturday’s ride, which sets off from the south east corner of Wandsworth Park, off Putney Bridge Road, visit

To take part in the September 22 ride visit


August 29, 2012