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Electoral data has reveals growing number of Europeans choosing to live here

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Since 2004 the number of European Union (EU) citizens has swelled from 11,690 to 23,725. The figures only include residents who have registered to vote in Wandsworth – the total number will be higher.

An examination of the electoral role shows an increase in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Polish and Italian nationals settling in the borough.

Some nationalities are gathering in certain areas of Wandsworth. Italians are moving to St Mary's Park, the Spanish to Queenstown, the French to Northcote, the Portuguese to Latchmere and the Polish to Roehampton.

The six EU countries with the highest numbers of registered electors living in Wandsworth are:

French: 3,085
German: 2,347
Italian: 3,677
Polish: 4,709
Portuguese: 1,634
Spanish: 1,630

Leader of the council Ravi Govindia said: “Wandsworth is a great place to live. We have a central location, low unemployment, great schools, plenty of green open space and the lowest council tax in the country.

“With so much to offer it is no surprise we're popular with young families and that more Europeans are settling within our borders."

The first wave of data from the 2011 Census was published last month (July) which showed Wandsworth’s population has increased by 18 per cent since 2001 to 307,000.

The borough again has the UK's highest proportion of 25-39 year olds. Almost four in ten of borough residents fall into this age category.

More detailed Census results will be published later this year which will provide further insight into the patterns of settlement in the borough over the last decade.

August 10, 2012