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Looking into polling districts and polling places in the borough

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Deadline 4th November 2011

For more information visit

www.wandsworth.gov.uk/vote, call (020) 8871 6023 or email

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Each local authority is required by law to periodically review its individual polling districts and also its polling stations to ensure they remain suitable venues for voting.

The review currently taking place is looking at whether or not these polling districts need adjusting or changing to take account of recent changes in population.

The review of polling stations is being carried out to make sure they remain fit for purpose and are the most suitable venues in each district.

The council's policy is to use buildings like community halls and church halls and other suitable public buildings. These venues should be as accessible as possible for the disabled with special ramps for wheelchair access provided. The use of schools is avoided wherever possible to prevent disruption for pupils and parents.

Having consulted with a range of bodies and groups, including the various political parties and organizations representing the disabled, a new polling district and polling scheme has now been drawn up.

This was considered by councillors on the General Purposes Committee on September 29, who agreed that the new scheme should be published and subject to a formal 30-day consultation period.

Comments and suggestions on the new arrangements should be returned to the town hall by Friday, November 4. Comments can be posted to Electoral Services, Wandsworth Town Hall, London SW18 2PU. Comments can also be submitted via email to electoral@wandsworth.gov.uk.

October 9, 2011