Council Praises Residents For Reducing Rubbish

"Fantastic response to waste campaign"

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Wandsworth Council


The people of Wandsworth have cut the amount of  rubbish they produce by more than half a kilo per household per week.

This has helped save around £300,000 a year in waste disposal costs, helping it to keep council tax bills low. 

The council launched its ‘less in the bin, more in your pocket’ campaign last summer. New figures show that the amount of rubbish collected in the year up to April 2010 went down by well over three million kilos.

The campaign promised that one kilo a week less per household would save half a million pounds a year and the council is now well on the way to achieving this.

In April the cost of disposing of residual waste increased from £90 a tonne to £107 a tonne. This means potential savings have gone up since the campaign was launched.

Environment spokesman Cllr Sarah McDermott said:
“Well done Wandsworth, this is fantastic news. We want people to recycle more, but producing less waste in the first place is even better. This has helped the environment and saved council taxpayers’ money.”

Simple ways to cut the amount of rubbish you produce include reducing food waste and home composting.  For more information visit

June 16, 2010