Wandsworth Police Officer Wins National Bravery Award

PC Winston Mugarura came to rescue of man being assaulted by gang

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PC Winston Mugarura showed

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A Met Police officer, who tackled a group of 10 men whilst off-duty, has been awarded a National Bravery Award.

PC Winston Mugarura, who is based in Wandsworth, was off-duty on the evening of 23 December 2014 when he saw a group of ten men chasing and attacking a lone male in Camden.

The officer ran into the group and tried to shield the man. He told them he was a police officer and showed them his ID, asking them to stop, but he was ignored. The group continued to repeatedly punch, kick, and stamp on the man.

Two members of the public tried to assist PC Mugarura to fend off the attackers but to no avail. Some of the blows ended up hitting the officer on the back as he attempted to shield the man.

PC Mugarura managed to get the man away from the group and they ran off. He then heard a woman screaming. He turned to look in the direction of the screams and the injured man also ran away. The off-duty officer ran to the sound of the screams and found two members of the public tending to two women who had also been assaulted by the group.

One of the women sustained very serious injuries and a witness believed that she was dead as a result of the beating. A witness also stated he had never seen such a violent attack in his life.

PC Murgarura left the woman in the care of the witnesses and ran after the group of men. Despite the potential dangers to himself, he managed to catch and detain the main suspect for the attack.

Three other suspects were brought to PC Mugarura and he was able to positively identify them as being involved. They too were arrested for assault.

PC Mugarura, without any personal safety equipment or assistance, placed himself in a very precarious and dangerous situation trying to protect a man. Three men were later convicted of wounding with intent, attempted wounding with intent and violent disorder. All three received custodial sentences ranging from four to seven years.

Speaking at the award ceremony, PC Mugarura, said, "I am amazed because all of the officers here are so deserving in their own right. They all do a good job and everyone is a winner."

PC Mugarura's Borough commander, Chief Superintendent Richard Smith, said, "Despite being assaulted himself, Winston pursued and apprehended some of the individuals involved in this incident. His courage, compassion and professionalism were outstanding and I am proud to have him as a member of my staff, helping to make London a safer place."

PC Mugarura was joint winner alongside PC Adam Koch and PC Jean Stevens from West Midlands Police.

October 30, 2015