EU grants UK more time to clean up London's air

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Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP
Liberal Democrat MEP for London

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Campaign for Clean Air in London

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The European Commission has granted the UK a deadline extension until June to meet EU standards on dangerous air pollutants in London but on the condition that the Mayor of London and the UK government put in place a short-term action plan to tackle dangerous airborne particulate matter (PM10) pollution in London.

The UK applied for this deadline or ‘time’ extension in May 2010, after a previous Labour time extension application having been rejected by the European Commission back in 2009.

Hounslow Liberal Democrat MEP Sarah Ludford, a long time campaigner for cleaner air in the capital, said:

“I am glad that the European Commission has taken the coalition government's pledge to fully comply with European air quality standards in good faith. The LibDem-Conservative coalition has succeeded where Labour failed in showing determination on a clean-up."

"But it is right that Brussels lays down conditions for a reprieve. This is not an abstract legal game, it's about real people's health and right to life."

Campaign for Clean Air for London have called on the Mayor to keep his promise to improve WEZ air quality. There is a petition to sign demanding the continued monitoring of airborne particles.


March 16, 2011