Thames Tunnel Phase Two Update: Barn Elms Saved

Putney MP "delighted" but warns residents there will still be disruption

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Barn Elms will be saved from major disruption as Thames Water announces the preferred construction sites for the Thames Tunnel project.

After a strong campaign from local residents and Justine Greening MP, Thames Water has confirmed that a brownfield site in Carnwath Road Riverside remains the preferred site to drive the main tunnel to Acton Storm Tank, saving the Barn Elms playing fields from seven years of major disruption.

There will still be some construction works taking place at Barn Elms to connect up the combined sewer overflow (CSO) pipe to the Thames Tunnel. However, these works will be much shorter in time and this will stop the sewage currently overflowing in to the river, and instead direct it into the Thames Tunnel for treatment.

Thames Water also announced a specific four-week consultation will take place to consider a change to the access road to the CSO site at Barn Elms. This is something Justine Greening MP and residents on Justine’s working group have been pressing Thames Water for. The details of the consultation will be announced on 6th June.

Thames Water also confirmed Putney Bridge Foreshore and King George’s Park remain the preferred locations to connect the nearby CSOs from, as set out in the phase two consultation.

At Putney Bridge Foreshore CSO Thames Water is continuing to consider improvements to the permanent design and layout of the proposals, as well as the nature and location of the temporary replacement slipway. Importantly Thames Water are considering whether it would be possible to make further use of the river for transporting the shaft and short tunnel excavated materials in order to reduce the number of lorries on local roads, which is something Justine Greening MP and residents have been pressing Thames Water for.

Additionally, at the Putney Bridge Foreshore CSO Thames Water will also hold a specific four-week consultation to consider the site location, specifically the location of the permanent works and the shape of the foreshore structure further. Again the details of the consultation will be announced on 6th June.

At King George’s Park CSO, Thames Water is continuing to consider what improvements can be made including creating new pedestrian entrances to the

north, west and/or east of the site and how the existing historic gates can be re-within the park.


Reading through Thames Water’s phase two report, local MP Justine Greening said:
“I am delighted with Thames Water’s decision not to use Barn Elms as the main tunnel drive shaft site. Our local community has worked very hard to protect these playing fields. When there is a viable brownfield site to use, it is right for Thames Water to take that site forward instead of the greenfield site at Barn Elms.”

“Locally residents will still see disruption at Barn Elms CSO, Putney Bridge CSO and King George’s Park CSO, but it is really important we see the Thames Tunnel project delivered to stop the huge amount of sewage pouring into our river every year.”

“As our local MP I am going to continue to work with local residents and the working group I have set up, to engage with Thames Water and continue to get a better Thames Tunnel solution for our community.”

If you would like to be kept up to date with Justine’s work on the Thames Tunnel project, please email Justine at, visit her website, or join her on Facebook.

For further information on Thames Water’s phase two report and the Thames Tunnel project please visit

May 18, 2012