Southfields Library Reopens After Roof Repairs

New skylights installed in £16,000 refurbishment

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Southfields Library has been reopened to the public following works to install two new skylights in its roof.

The council has spent around £16,000 on repairing the library’s roof and installing the skylights.

While the works were being carried out, the library was closed to residents, but it was reopened to the public on Tuesday.  

The Council has recently denied that it has any plans to close the library following the resignation from the Conservative party of Cllr Malcolm Grimston who claimed that the borough was considering the closure of several of the smaller libraries in the area.

Community services spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “This is good news for the many local people who use Southfields library.

“Wandsworth Council is investing in its libraries at a time when many other local authorities are closing theirs.”

October 31, 2014