Putney Bridge Repairs Update

Resurfacing operation breaks company records say contractor

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Contractors working on the Putney Bridge repair scheme this week say they have laid the most asphalt they have ever put down in a single day in any of the big central London projects they have previously worked on.

FM Conway, who are carrying out the £1.5million of repairs to the bridge, laid more than 700 tonnes of asphalt on Friday – laying a really strong and solid base to the bridge’s road surface – and fully prepared for additional re-surfacing work next month.

A record amount of asphalt was laid in just one day

And with this important part of the project completed a wider walkway has now been opened up for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the bridge on foot.

The new floodlit walkway runs across the centre of the bridge and should make it much easier and less crowded for people who need to cross the river.

Many cyclists are also taking advantage of the new bike rails that were recently installed on the steps to the adjacent railway bridge. The bridge leads from Deodar Road to Putney Bridge tube station and the new rails mean that cyclists can wheel their bikes up on to the bridge instead of having to carry them.

With the new central walkway now open, engineers have turned their attention to completing repairs to the bridge’s two main footpaths and continuing the refurbishment works to the subway at its northern end.

Also this week the operation began to retrieve six large granite blocks from the riverbed after they were sent tumbling into the Thames when a bus crashed into the bridge at the beginning of July. The damaged blocks will be repaired on site by specialist stonemasons before the parapet wall is reassembled.

And work continues off-site to refurbish the bridge‘s ornate Victorian lamp columns which are being restored by specialist craftsmen.

Getting the job finished meant working late into the evening

Transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “This has been another very busy week for all those involved with this complex and large scale repair project. The works so far have been carried out very successfully and professionally and I’m pleased to say that at this point in time we remain on course to meet our target of completing the job in October. We will be pushing to try and finish sooner if we can and if there is any possibility of bringing the reopening date forward then we will of course do everything we can to achieve that.”

Buses are currently operating a shuttle service from both ends of Putney Bridge. This means that passengers must cross the bridge on foot and catch another bus to continue their journey. Transport for London has confirmed that people only need to pay one fare.

Staff from TfL are positioned on both sides of the bridge to assist passengers.

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August 27, 2014