Lib Dems Presents 'No To High Rises' Petitions To Council

And encourage residents to add their names to the campaign

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Putney Liberal Democrats have been delighted with the response to their "No to High Rises" campaign with hundreds of Putney residents signing the petition. 

Lisa Smart, Chair of Campaigns, said:
"We are calling on local people to add their names to our campaign by either signing the petition as we go door to door or, as many have done, by going online and signing that way.  Putney residents have told us of their concerns that the current planning proposals are too tall and do not meet the needs of local people."

The campaign team delivered the first batch of signatures to Cllr Robert Morritt in time for the closure of the Capstick's site consultation period.  As signatures can be submitted right up until the Planning Application Committee meets, the petition remains open. 



Should you wish to sign the online petition, please go to

Putney Liberal Democrats Lisa Smart and Sue Shocket presenting the first batch of petition signatures to Cllr Robert Morritt


March 8, 2011