'Ark Putney Academy - A New Future For Elliott School'

Council announces ARK Putney Academy to open September 2012, replacing Elliott School.

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On the council website the following has appeared:

The new academy will be sponsored by the same educational charity behind the new Bolingbroke Academy in Battersea. It will be a six form entry secondary school, with 180 pupils per year. All existing pupils and staff at Elliott School will transfer to the new academy.

As an academy it will be run by ARK Schools rather than the local authority but, like all ARK academies, will be non-selective and admissions will be made through the coordinated admissions process via the council. Wandworth Council supports the scheme and is working closing with ARK and the school governors.

View the consultation on admission arrangements.

Mark Phillips, who has successfully raised standards at Elliott School and worked with governors to make Elliott an academy, will continue as its principal.

Email info@arkacademyputney.org
Telephone: 020 3116 0800.

The Buildings
Elliott School is a much-loved building and is Grade II listed. However, it is in poor condition.

It is vital that it is upgraded if the new school is to succeed and serve the local community. The pictures show Elliott when it was opened in 1956, and in its current condition.

The council recognises the historical importance of the building, and intends that a remodelling project will be carried out in consultation with English Heritage.

It is proposed that this renovation work is funded by the sale of some of the school grounds for high quality residential development that will be in keeping with the local area. Find out more about the sale of the land and the proposed development.

If the proposals are agreed, no existing sports clubs or activities will be forced to move because new sports facilities including a four court sports hall and three court multi-use games area will be built. These facilities would be made available to the local community as well as to Elliott students.

While the remodelling work is being carried out, pupils will be taught in top-of-the-range temporary accommodation.

June 8, 2012