Save Elliott School Campaign Welcomes Further Public Meetings

Encouraging residents to voice their concerns to the Council

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On Tuesday 17th April Wandsworth Borough Council held the second public consultation on the sale of land and possible demolition of a significant part of Elliott School’s listed buildings.

"The meeting was better attended than the previous week, but still the numbers don’t represent the wide concern we know exists about the Council’s plans. Mostly we think this is due to the short notice given by the Council and their scheduling these meetings at times when working people find it hard to attend."

The good news is that the council have agreed to hold a meetings on 17th & 19th May at the school itself and we are putting pressure on them to extend the time into the evening.

The points discussed that evening included:

  • The loss of open green space and sports facilities, and the demolition of the Grade II listed sports hall and technology workshops. 
  • The sale of land for private development with the revenue from house sales going to the private sector.
  • The demolition of the 6th form block. The Council say that the 6th form will be relocated to the main school building. The objection is that this greatly diminishes the identity and facilities of the 6th Form and its attractiveness to prospective pupils. 
    April 27, 2012particularly in this part of the Borough and at a time when we know that forecasts for future secondary places predict the need for extra capacity 
  • What alternative plans did the Council explore and cost?  Why do the school repairs need to be self-financing? Are there other assets the Council could consider selling to pay for the repairs? Why will the Council not release funds from their Reserves? What contingency plans were made in the event that BSF programme was cut? 
  • How can the Council justify giving millions in funding to two new free schools rather than caring for and supporting its existing schools? 
  • Why have the public consultation meetings been held at times that are hard for working people to attend? Why are the documents and displays provided by the council so poorly detailed and presented?

The campaigners believe that the dialogue had with the Council that night was constructive and that progress can be made to save the school in its complete form. But it is essential to keep up the pressure.   As yet there is no date set for the final consultation meeting.

In the meantime they encourage residents tp make their views clear to the Council by filling out their feedback form, writing to them directly, signing the petition and most of all passing the message on to everybody you know will be concerned.

The Save Elliott School campaign

April 26, 2012