TfL Proposes Changes to Bus Routes

Routes 424 and 485 will affect residents on Fulham, Putney & Wandsworth

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What are TfL proposing?

TfL are proposing to make changes to routes 424 and 485 and would like to hear your views. Following the development of the new Wandsworth Riverside Quarter, TfL have worked with the London Borough of Wandsworth to provide a bus service to the new district, some of which is currently more than 5 minutes walk from a bus route.

TfL also say that the proposal will improve services for the new developments planned for the Hurlingham area of Fulham.

Route 424 click here for PDF map of changes

Route 424 currently operates between Fulham, Cannons Leisure Centre and Putney Heath, Green Man. Under the proposals, it would run from the Cannons Leisure Centre via its current routeing as far as Fulham Broadway and then via New Kings Road, Peterborough Road, Wandsworth Bridge Road, Old York Road, Wandsworth, Putney Bridge Road to a new stand at Wandsworth Riverside.

The frequency of route 424 would increase, with buses every 20 minutes (instead of about every 30 minutes) during the day Monday to Saturday.

The proposals would mean the following for route 424:
- A service to Wandsworth Riverside residents, some of whom are currently more than 5 minutes walk from the bus network

- The 424 would no longer serve Bagleys Lane, Pearscroft Road, Broughton Road, Stephendale Road and Byam Street. Residents of these roads would still have access to other, higher frequency services nearby – 28, 295, 391, C3.

- Some existing 424 users would have to change buses to complete their current journeys

- Full access to the Wandsworth Riverside Quarter may not be complete until 2018, in which case the 424 would temporarily terminate in Wandsworth town centre.

Route 485 - click here for PDF map of changes

Route 485 currently operates between Hammersmith bus station and Wandsworth, Ram Street. It would be diverted via Putney High Street to Putney Heath, Green Man via the current route 424 southern routeing. It would no longer serve Putney Bridge Road or Wandsworth town centre. The 485 would continue to run at the same frequencies as now, with buses about every 30 minutes during the day on Monday to Saturday, but with a full evening service on those days.

The proposals would mean the following for route 485:
- New destinations on route 485

- A later evening service, as requested by residents in Putney Heath.

- Some existing 485 users would have to change buses to make a current trip

Drop-in sessions

You can discuss these proposals with staff from Transport for London on Thursday 14 January 2016, 18.00-21.00, at The Sales Gallery, Milliners House, Eastfields Avenue, London, SW18 1LP

A second public event will be organised for January in the Fulham area.

Have your say

TfL would like to know what you think about the proposals to change routes 424 and 485. Your comments and suggestions will help inform their final decision making. You can give your views by completing the online survey below by Sunday, 31 January 2016.

Alternatively, you can:

November 30, 2015