First London Boys Free School Opens Next Year

Fulham Boys School had large attendance at Open Days

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More than 600 people came to support The Fulham Boys School’s Open Days and hear about London’s first boys’ free school’s unique vision and ethos.

Parents behind the new Church of England secondary school have been speaking to prospective pupils and their families at the two Open Days which were held at Fulham Palace.

The new Fulham Boys School is due to open its doors to 120 Year 7 boys in September 2013 and will eventually have capacity for 800 pupils.

Alex Wade, founder and chair of The Fulham Boys School governors

There was huge interest from parents from all over London including Chiswick, Hammersmith, Vauxhall, Westminster, Barnes, Richmond, Kensington, Wimbledon, Southfields, Putney and Wandsworth.

Alex Wade, chair of The Fulham Boys School governors said: “Our Open Days are the result of several years of commitment and sheer hard work by many to create a new school which reflects the needs and aspirations of our diverse community.

“It was a fantastic opportunity to explain to parents what our school ethos of EnterprOctober 25, 2012

Sport will be integral to the school day and boys at the Open Days were able to try their hand at sporting challenges including boxing and rowing, along with a range of other activities including singing, designing House crests on biscuits, creating school artwork and voting on the school uniform design.

Mr Wade unveiled the Fulham Boys School’s plan to give every pupil access to an iPad for learning and a focus on sport for all.

“We are striving for academic excellence. We are an academic school with high expectations. We believe in high standards of discipline and expect boys to take pride in their appearance;” he added.

“Boys and girls mature at different stages. They learn differently. At The Fulham Boys School, our curriculum is tailored for boys. The school day is structured around their needs. We have budgeted for smaller classes; we embrace technology and will ensure that all boys have access to an iPad.

“We have dedicated 10 per cent of our curriculum time for PE. We have a strong emphasis on competitive sports because we believe all boys, even the most un-sporty, benefit from physical activity and will find an interest that proves absorbing and enjoyable.”

Icing the school crest on a biscuit at the Open Day

The Fulham Boys School is partnering with the London Diocesan Board for Schools in translating its vision into reality, drawing on the Diocese’s considerable expertise in establishing successful schools including the Chelsea Academy.

As a new school, The Fulham Boys School is not part of the local authority co-ordinated admissions process this year. Parents can complete the co-ordinated admissions application with up to six choices and complete a separate application for The Fulham Boys School directly. Admissions to the school will remain open after the local authority deadline of 31 October.

On 1 March 2013 parents will receive two offers - one from the local authority and one for The Fulham Boys School. Only then will parents need to decide which one to accept.

A spokesperson said that The Fulham Boys School was the result of many years of campaigning by a group of Fulham parents for a local Church of England school for boys to progress to after the excellent church primaries in the borough. Inclusivity is core to The Fulham Boys School’s vision, providing an opportunity for all boys from the local community to develop their individual talents.

The proposed admissions policy will give priority to Church of England families for 50 per cent of the places, if oversubscribed, with the other 50 per cent open to families from all faiths and none.

October 23, 2012