Formula E Championships This Weekend

Special parking arrangements for residents now in place

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Formula E

Formula E

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With thousands of race fans expected to travel to Battersea Park this weekend to attend London’s inaugural Formula E showdown, the council is strongly advising the use of public transport. 

Only local residents will be able to park nearby when the races are being held, and existing parking controls will be temporarily extended to ensure that only local residents or businesses with permits will be able to park in the area.

This means that over the weekend of Saturday June 27 and Sunday June 28, special parking restrictions will apply between 9am and 5pm. Only permit holders will be able to park in the area. There will be no pay and display parking either inside or near to Battersea Park and all yellow line restrictions will be strictly enforced.

Residents living near the park are to receive two special visitor permits which they can give to friends and relatives who visit that weekend. The permits are free and can be used more than once.

The full list of roads where these temporary parking rules will be in effect are as follows: Albert Bridge Road, Alexandra Avenue, Anhalt Road, Beechmore Road, Brynmaer Road, Cambridge Road, Cupar Road, Forfar Road, Foxmore Street, Juer Street, Kassala Road, Kersley Mews, Kerlsey Street, Lurline Gardens, Macduff Road, Meath Street, Parkgate Road, Petworh Street, Prince Of Wales Drive. Rosenau Road, Soudan Road, Warriner Gardens and Worfield Street.

Drivers will also be unable to park on council managed housing estates in the area. The estates have their own parking controls and cars that park there without a permit are liable to be towed away. Tenants and leaseholders will be able to give friends and relatives a visitor permit to use.

Disabled drivers who have a blue badge will be able to park in the area as long as they display their badge.

Community services spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “Over the course of the weekend thousands of people will head to Battersea Park to witness the finale of this is exciting new global sport. It is an event that supports British industry, promotes London tourism and is pioneering the next generation of electric motor technology.

“These enhanced parking arrangements mean that racing fans will need to use public transport because it will be virtually impossible for them to find a parking space anywhere near Battersea Park.

“It is important that we take adequate steps to ensure that local people who don’t want to go and watch the Formula E races can still go about their business as normal and that they can still welcome friends and relatives for visits that weekend.

“This is why we have temporarily extended parking controls that weekend to make sure that only local people can use these parking spaces and why we are also distributing two free visitor permits to every household in the immediate area.”

Battersea Park’s two races will mark the climax of the current Formula E championship season, which has seen the drivers compete in Berlin, Beijing, Buenos Aires, Moscow, Miami and Monaco.

Councillors have also decided that a section of the park must be kept open for non-ticket holders – so that local people who have no interest in the races but want to visit the park this weekend can still do so.

The race organisers say they have an action plan in place for the speedy installation and removal of its infrastructure. This process should only take a few days and the park will remain open to the public throughout.

June 23, 2015

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