Free Summer Art Workshops

The Pump House Gallery @ Putney Exchange coming soon

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We’re all going on holiday, and this August, the Putney Exchange is the place to be.

The Pump House Gallery will transform the Putney Exchange into a beach haven, complete with a beach umbrella, beach mats and wind breakers. This summer, every Wednesday and Saturday from 3rd to the 21st August, the Pump House Gallery will be running free drop in art workshops - fill your days with creativity and create an array of holiday memorabilia.

Every Wednesday and Saturday August 3rd to 21st
@ Putney Exchange, next to Waitrose
11am – 4pm

Join our seaside delight just next to Waitrose. From 11am – 4pm there will be a range of art activity taking place and each workshop will introduce a new and different skill. Drop in and learn screenprinting, create postcards, experiment with clay, or learn about the treasures that can be made from recycled materials.

The workshops will kick off on the 3rd August with screen printing with Jeni Walker, from Tooting Transition Town. Join Jeni and learn how to create your own summer inspired designs and then print those onto a bag to take home. How about creating bright and colourful bunting from plastic and other recycled materials? Join Kathy Schicker as she shares her skills on transforming everyday materials. Or find out about the magic of sun prints and look at how an image can be made by using the sun. With artist Bethany Worthington we will explore the ocean and make clay sea creatures embellished with shells and sequins.

We will have a huge collection of creative and inventive activities, and they are all designed for all ages and all the family. Pop down and don’t forget to design a postcard, complete with stories of your adventures at the Putney Exchange.

July 26, 2013