The Wandsworth Self Help Groups Network Meeting

For people affected by long-term health conditions

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T: 020 8875 2849

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Lifetime's research has identified a need for Self Help Groups in Wandsworth for people affected by…
 Speech Disorders
 Migraine
 Asthma
 Rheumatoid Arthritis
 Cleft palate
 Irritable Bowel Syndrome
 Thyroid Disorders
 Coeliac Disease
 Crohn’s Disease
 Diabetes

If you are affected by any of these conditions, personally as a patient, family member, friend or carer, professionally as a healthcare professional, educator, working or volunteering in the voluntary sector or if you are an individual with an interest in Self Help or long term conditions, this is the event for you.

If you have identified a need for additional groups in the borough and would like to start one up, please let us know; we would be delighted to include you in our programme.

Thursday 17th September - 1pm – 4pm
Penfold Community Centre, Wandsworth, SW18 4TJ

What is a self help group?
Self help groups are support groups that offer and provide mutual support or mutual aid. People often gain huge benefits from talking to others who have a shared experience, whether it be a diagnosis of a long term condition or having faced a similar life experience such as loss, recovery or survival.

On the day, you can expect to:
 Find out more about Self Help and the support available for groups,
 Experience a varied programme of speakers and workshops; including taster sessions of Lifetimes Self Help training workshops and the premier of the Self Help Wandsworth short film
 Learn from successful Self Help groups about the benefits of Self Help and how it has impacted their physical and mental heath
 Meet other people with the same long term condition to discuss forming new groups with the support of Lifetimes’ Self Help Wandsworth programme advisors.
 Browse the information marketplace to find resources and ask questions about Self Help and a variety of long term conditions.

August 27, 2015