Can Your Entertain Us At The Fringe Festival 2014?

Amateurs & established artists are encouraged to showcase their creativity

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The event, which runs parallel to the popular borough-wide arts festival, celebrates the quality and breadth of creative activity in Wandsworth.

Anyone can contribute to the 2014 Fringe – whether they are in a professional arts organisation, an experienced amateur group or simply embarking on a creative project for the first time. Schools and community groups are also being encouraged to get involved.

The Wandsworth Fringe showcases music, dance, drama, visual art or those things in between that do now fit a particular category.

Last year’s Fringe Festival featured more than 40 events boasting live music, immersive theatre and interactive storytelling. This included a 1920s-themed performance/party and an encounter with a ‘ghost finder’.

Producer at arts organisation Emergency Exit Arts, Bridget Floyer, said:
“Being a part of last year’s festival was a fantastic experience. We worked with residents on a variety of community events in the run up to the festival and Fringe, which helped build a real sense of excitement and meant that everyone felt part of a much bigger celebration of the arts.”

The Wandsworth Arts Festival and Fringe runs from May 2 to May 18, 2014 – while the deadline for Fringe applications is January 31. Visit to apply. You can see the full list of the 2013 Fringe participants by visiting

If you want to find out more about the kind of artistic submissions that will be considered, along with further details about the application process and the benefits of taking part, contact Wandsworth Council’s arts team on 020 8871 8711 or email

Wandsworth Fringe is led by the arts team, in conjunction with a steering group and an independent producer based in the wider arts community.

November 20, 2013