Faiths Unite At Putney Vale

At multi-faith memorial service to remember family, friends and loved ones

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Local people from different religious backgrounds took part in Putney Vale Cemetery and Crematorium’s annual multi faith memorial service to commemorate family, friends and loved ones who have passed away.

A series of religious figures offered words of condolence to the congregation including Reverend Jim McKinney from Holy Trinity Church Roehampton, Reverend Richard Grocott from Battersea Central Methodist Mission, Pastor Noel McClean from the Yahweh Christian Fellowship and Phrakru Samu Lom from the Buddhapadipa Temple. They are seen below with the council’s bereavement services manager Clive Andrews and the Mayor of Wandsworth, Cllr Stuart Thom.

A two minutes silence was observed to mark the loss of friends and relatives and there were readings to commemorate the lives of some of those being remembered. Names of the deceased were read out and candles lit in their memory. Guests were also invited to view the traditional and electronic Book of Remembrance.

The Putney Vale Online Book of Remembrance can be viewed online.

October 14, 2014