Free Electric Blanket Safety Tests On November 2nd

Faulty blankets cause more than 5000 fires a year

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The council's trading standards officers have arranged for free electric blanket health checks at Wandsworth Fire Station on November 2.

Fire Brigade figures show tht faulty electric blankets cause more than 5,000 fires a year.

At past events around half of the blankets tested have been found to be hazardous, with many using incorrectly wired plugs or relying on the wrong fuses. Many have not had an overheating cut-out facility, others have suffered scorch marks or been so worn that the heating element has been left exposed. Some have been found to be decades old and therefore at higher risk of malfunctioning.

While the blankets are being tested by an approved expert, fire officers will be on hand to offer free home fire safety advice.

The safety checks are being offered by appointment only. To make an appointment call (020) 8871 7735 or email your contact details, including a telephone number, to

October 30, 2012