Putney Society Continues To Push For Single Drive For Thames Tunnel

Supporting the objectives of Thames Water but wishing maximum benefits to community & minimising costs and disruption

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Led by James Taylor MBA, Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Putney Society has been working hard on behalf of Putney’s residents to influence Thames Water on tunnelling strategy.

We have championed a continuous single drive from Nine Elms to Acton storm tanks which would avoid the need for intermediate drive site at either Barn Elms or Carnwath Road. It would also increase tunnel capacity, decrease the number of occasions the tunnel cannot cope with sewage overflows and further reduce river pollution.

Putney Society has been energetically progressing this option with Thames Water since April. We have been in contact with Justine Greening MP, Richard Tracey (GLA Member) and Ravi Govindia (Leader of the Council), who all support our arguments.

Thames Water have already conceded that it is a viable option - they have accepted project effectiveness, health and safety and project risk arguments put forward by the Society and the Society is continuing to challenge their remaining objections. As active participants of Justine Greening’s Working Group we have requested that experts are now appointed to build on the work we have already done. In particular Putney Society are calling for an independent comprehensive comparison which assesses the merits of the alternative strategies.

The Society believes that only this objective comparison of the single drive with both the alternatives of using Barn Elms or Carnwarth Road can provide confidence that the best possible solution is being proposed.

The Putney Society Chairman, Carolyn McMillan said “Putney Society fully supports the objectives of the Thames Tunnel project but we want to make sure implementation provides the maximum benefit for Putney residents and the wider community whilst also minimising overall costs and disruption”.

See the Society’s correspondence with TW on www.putneysociety.org.uk/issues

July 25, 2011