"Putney Society says NO to the Thames Tunnel"

A message from Carolyn McMillan Chairman of The Putney Society

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The Putney Society

Although Putney Society accept, in principle, that something needs to be done about the uncontrolled release of sewage entering the Thames, we say NO to the Thames Tunnel for the following reasons:

  • No convincing explanation has been given for the proposal to drive the tunnel from three main shaft locations when it is our understanding that there is no technical reason requiring this many locations.
  • The options considered for the three main shafts proposed have not been clearly set out together with a clear rationale for the selection of the preferred option.
  • In relation to the preferred option, the information does not clearly explain the nature and phasing of the works, the plant and equipment required, measures to be taken to mitigate environmental impact e.g. noise, light, pollution etc nor does it convincingly explain proposed transport arrangements or provide details of the volumes of traffic expected.
  • The consultation is flawed by this lack of detail on the main tunnel options.
  • The consultation has also been undermined by the communication strategy focusing on properties within 250 metres of proposed sites when these works will have a widespread effect.

PutSoc logo-RGB for Word_Powerpoint_Oct 2010 Putney Society recommends that:

  • The consultation period on the tunnel route and local connections be extended.
  • The consultation on the main shaft site be restarted with comprehensive information supplied.


November 19, 2010