The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant & Diamond Jubilee Memories 2012

A pictorial memory of the weekend from readers (Sunday)

And the rain came on Sunday - but that didn't dampen peoples enthusiasm to come to the river
Crowds at Putney (!/andrewpics) Union come rain or shine (!/andrewpics)
Flags & coats (Catherine Schade) Knight on a modern day steed (Catherine Schade)
Saftey checks and preperation (Justin Ward) About to heave ho (Justin Ward)
Man powered boats set off from Putney
Dragon Boats are off
Dragons A Go! (Catherine Schade) Patriotic Narrow Boat
and small!
Military craft
(Catherine Schade)
All together now (Judy Allen) From the Isle Of Man (Judy Allen)
Waterworks! (Judy Allen) Is that Henry VIII? (Judy Allen)
A hat fit for a Queen Crowds waiting patiently on Putney Bridge
Sea cadets wait (!/andrewpics) And they're off (!/andrewpics)
Sea cadets leave from Putney Bridge flying Commonwealth flags (Virginia Millington) & later down river near Battersea
(Suzanne Taylor)
Steam powered & cruisers plus two brave swans!
(Catherine Schade) 3 men in a boat (Catherine Schade)
Boris Johnson before joing the flotilla at Putney
(Laura O'Sullivan)
Narrow boats @ Putney Bridge (Virginia Millington)
Wetting the crowds on Putney Bridge (Virginia Millington) Passing under Putney Bridge (Virginia Millington)
Dragon close ups! (Sorry ladies!) (Justin Ward) Dragon's head (Justin Ward)
Narrow boats mustering (Justin Ward) Early start @ Putney Embankment (Justin Ward)
And they just kept coming (V Diamond) Kyaks & Canoes (V Diamond)
"Tradition"(V Diamond) Patriotic Boris (V Diamond)
Canadian boat (V Diamond) Putney Wharf (Jamie Gould)
Rowers at Battersea (Sally Pilkington) Flying the Union Flag (Sally Pilkington)
Spider barge (Sally Pilkington) That Hat (Sally Pilkington)
HRH Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Harry & The Duchess of Cornwall boards Spitit of Chartwell (Suzanne Taylor) Saluting the Queen (Suzanne Taylor)
Dragon Boats (@rachelclarke) Long boats (@rachelclarke)
Maori dugout (we think) (Suzanne Taylor) Avenue of Sails (Suzanne Taylor)

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March 27, 2019