Jewish Primary School To Open In South London

September 2013 will see the doors open in Wandsworth

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After 70 years a Jewish school is set to open in South London. Following the recent announcement by the Department for Education of the latest crop of free schools. The South London Jewish Primary School (SLJPS) has received the go ahead as one of this year’s successful proposers to open a single form entry primary school in September 2013. The school will welcome pupils of all faiths and backgrounds (50% faith: 50% open place allocation) to a cross communal, mixed school. Where they will share in the high standards of academic achievement that the school aims to deliver.

The first free school of its kind south of the river is the result of enthusiastic campaigning by a group of individuals both from the Jewish and non-Jewish communities. Educators, business people, interested parents and even a stand up comedian have been involved in a submission of a proposal to the Department for Education for the latest round of free school funding allocations.

The project to open the SLJPS arose from the identification of a genuine demand for a Jewish primary school in South London, coupled with a significant shortage in school places across the region. The school will offer 50% of its places to children from the local Jewish population and the remaining 50% of places will be allocated as open places based on Wandsworth admissions policy. SLJPS are currently looking for a suitable site for the school in the borough.

"We are thrilled to be announcing that the SLJPS has received the go ahead from the Government. Our vision for a Jewish primary school south of the River has taken about two long years to reachSeptember 21, 2012e feel we can pause briefly to congratulate everyone for their contributions,” said Shirley Lee, Co-Chairperson, SLJPS Steering Group.

“Our vision of a pluralist educational environment that reflects the make up of the South London Community is becoming a reality. The challenges for the next twelve months are significant. We will begin work straight away on sourcing premises, appointing highly qualified staff and enrolling pupils. We are really fortunate though as we have an amazing team and an distinctive model on which to build.”

September 20, 2012