Police Produce Poster To Stop Trick or Treaters

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Police in Wandsworth have produced a poster for people who do not want to be approached by trick or treat callers this halloween.

The poster can be printed and displayed in windows or on the front door and will advise young callers and their parents that the household is not participating in halloween festivities.

In the day leading up to halloween and also bonfire night, police in the borough will be stepping up high visibility patrols to deter anti-social behaviour, disorder and other crimes.

Parents of young people who are planning to go trick or treating are being urged to make sure they know where their children are going and if possible to accompany them as they hunt for treats.

Children and young people are being urged not to harass members of the public or continually knock on doors and ring buzzers - and to refrain from playing tricks. They are also being urged to show extra consideration for older people who may take time to answer their door and may not be able to afford treats.

October 22, 2012

October 25, 2012