Find Buying Wine Baffling? Five Top Tips To Ease Your Way

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The Circle Wine Company is a local, independent wine merchant, initially set up in 2005 and now run from SW6 by husband and wife team John and Sara Harrison. They work with a rapidly growing group of private clients and focus on finding the perfect wine for every occasion. Here, they share their views on the increasingly baffling subject of wine selection.

The world of wine is a fascinating but often challenging environment that can confuse, bewitch and bewilder in equal measures. Whether you are looking online, in supermarkets or in specialist wine shops the available choices of grape, colour, region, style or budget are dizzyingly diverse.

So with all that variety how does one manage to assess the options and come up with the right answers? Well, for sure, it is not always easy.

So here are our top tips for buying wine.
1. Be adventurous – Wine makers are always seeking to be distinctive so don’t be afraid to try new things. Also, unusual wines are often attractively priced to tempt in new consumers, especially in restaurants.

2. Trust yourself – Everyone’s palate is different which means you don’t necessarily have to enjoy the wine that your noisy neighbour is trumpeting. There are no rights or wrongs when it comes to wine selection. If you find a wine that you like, make a note of it, take a photo of the label and add it to the yes side of your list.

3. Do your research – No, it doesn’t have to be extensive but do try to be aware of basic facts and geographies. If you have time, read reviews and note down what you like the sound of. And remember, it is easier (and cheaper) to make good wine in good weather. Places like Spain, Portugal and Southern Italy are often excellent sources of quality budget wines.

4. Have a plan – Try and work out in general what wines you like and keep a basic record. Then factor in budgets and locations and before you know it you will have reduced an intimidating list down to manageable proportions.

5. Ask for help – Remember that any wine sale is between consenting adults. We want to sell you wine as much as you want to buy it. It is in our interests to make sure that you are happy with your purchase as you will then buy more (we hope). So don’t be afraid to ask for an opinion and use that as a basis for selection.

To put all of that into practice do call the Circle Wine Company or check out our wine list on Our wines are sourced directly from the growers and are then held in our temperature controlled bonded warehouse. We don’t have a shop or the costs associated with running one, so our prices are always competitive. We then deliver to your door at a time that suits you. All you need to do is order, sit back and enjoy.

As a special offer, delivery is free for orders of 12 bottles of more and readers of PutneySW15 and FulhamSW6 will receive a 10% discount off all our wines in the “good drinking” categories. Please see our website or contact us for more details.

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May 21, 2014