Roehampton Doctor Struck Off

Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service panel found him guilty of sexual misconduct

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Dr Mohammad Tariquezzaman, who is married and a father of four also known as Dr Zaman was found guilty of performing an 'unnecessary' internal examination on a 20-year-old female patient at University College Hospital, London, who was complaining of stomach pains.

The patient referred in court as Patient A had attended the A&E department and was seen by Zaman, who was working as a locum senior house officer at the time. He suggested she should go to his private practice at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, although the tribunal found that there was no clinical reason for her to do so.

The panel found that the examination was unnecessary and that he had sexual motivations in asking the patient to remove her pants. He was accused of smirking whilst this occurred, he also asking about her personal circumstances regarding boyfriends and invited her to share a curry.

Dr Zaman was cleared of sexual assault by penetration after a trial at Blackfriars Crown Court in December 2011. He now has 28 days to appeal the panel's decision.

A a spokesperson from the RHN said:"We take any allegations of this nature extremely seriously, whether those actions are alleged to have taken place at the RHN or otherwise. As an organisation we have strict pre-recruitment procedures in place in order to help us protect the safety and wellbeing of everyone entrusted to our care which is always our top priority. Where serious allegations are made, we take appropriate action in line with advice from the appropriate professional bodies."


September 5, 2014