Pothole Repairs Passes 5,000

In borough wide blitz

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The biggest street improvement project to take place in Wandsworth for years has now seen the borough’s dedicated repair crews fill in more than 5,000 potholes.

Since the major improvement project began in May a total of 5,052 problem potholes have been repaired across 11 wards.

Each month, three pothole repair teams have been focussing on specific wards before moving on to the next scheduled area, with the ultimate aim of covering the entire borough.

September will see the teams begin repair work in Balham, Fairfield and Thamesfield.

So far this month they have filled in 392 in Roehampton, 402 in Tooting and 546 in East Putney. In July, the crews repaired 942 potholes in Queenstown, 1,020 in Northcote and 180 in Shaftesbury – while in May and June they fixed 375 in West Putney, 267 in Wandsworth Common, 302 in St Mary’s Park, 401 in Furzedown and 225 in Southfields.

Wandsworth Council’s transport spokesman, Councillor Russell King, said:
“Many road users and pedestrians have already noticed improvements as part of this hugely important repair project. And many more will notice improvements as the repairs cover an increasing proportion of the borough.

He continued:
“Up and down the country, the scale of the damage to road surfaces caused by recent harsh winters is obvious. This is why, having also listened to concerns from residents, we made it a priority to take urgent action to sort out the problem.”

A further three repair crews, which have been tasked with fixing pavement problems, are finishing off work in Roehampton, Southfields and Tooting before moving into Graveney, Northcote and Shaftesbury in September.

In the previous three months they carried out repairs in Balham, Fairfield, Thamesfield, Earlsfield, Nightingale, West Hill, Bedford and Latchmere.

As part of the repair campaign, many roads will be completely resurfaced and some roads will have their pavements completely re-laid. The table below shows roads that have been resurfaced so far this month.

The table above shows the borough roads that were resurfaced in July

Leaflets will be sent to homes across the borough to let people know when the repair crews will be working in their neighbourhoods.

To report a pothole online visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/potholes or email onstreetservices@wandsworth.gov.uk.

August 29, 2013