Pothole Blitz Passes 3000

Crews now working in East Putney, Roehampton & Tooting

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The borough’s repair teams have to-date fixed more than 3,000 potholes as part of the biggest street improvement project in Wandsworth for years.

The council’s pothole crews have been hard at work since the beginning of May carrying out repairs – with the ultimate aim of tackling pothole and pavement defects in every ward.

This month the three teams started work in Roehampton, Tooting and East Putney, having spent July filling in potholes in Queenstown, Northcote and Shaftesbury.

In total, the teams repaired a total of 942 potholes in Queenstown, 532 in Northcote and 180 in Shaftesbury.

In May and June the crews repaired 375 in West Putney, 267 in Wandsworth Common, 192 in St Mary’s Park, 401 in Furzedown and 225 in Southfields.

So far 3,220 repairs have been carried out as part of the borough-wide improvement project. The table below shows the roads resurfaced in July.

A further three crews, which have been tasked with fixing pavement problems, will spend August carrying out repair work in Roehampton, Southfields and Tooting. In the previous three months they carried out repairs in Balham, Fairfield, Thamesfield, Earlsfield, Nightingale, West Hill, Bedford and Latchmere.

The council’s transport spokesman, Councillor Russell King, said: “Every street in Wandsworth will be inspected as part of this major improvement project. Road users and pedestrians in several wards will already be benefitting from recent repair work while residents living elsewhere can rest assured that the hard-working crews will be visiting their areas in the coming months.”

As part of the repair campaign, many roads will be completely resurfaced and some roads will have their pavements completely re-laid. The table below shows roads that have been resurfaced so far this month.

This doesn’t mean other urgent repairs elsewhere are being ignored. A rapid response team will be dealing with those.

Leaflets will be sent to homes across the borough to let people know when the repair crews will be working in their neighbourhoods.

Wandsworth is responsible for 1,500 roads stretching over 360km with 746km of pavements, many of which were constructed more than 100 years ago. The country has seen some of the worst winters over the past four years causing huge damage by weakening the road surface and creating many more potholes.

To report a pothole online visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/potholes or email onstreetservices@wandsworth.gov.uk.

August 12, 2013