Council Clamps Down On Litterbugs

As eight fined at Clapham Junction in one morning

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The fines were handed out by the council’s waste enforcement officers as part of an ongoing borough-wide drive to reduce littering.

Wandsworth’s environment spokesman, Councillor Jonathan Cook, said: “Considering Clapham Junction is such an incredibly well-used station, the fact that only eight people were caught littering shows the vast majority of people care as much about our streets as we do.

“That’s why we’re acting on their behalf to make sure that those who leave litter get the message. Seeing people drop litter with no regard for the environment around them is truly galling. Make no bones about it – if we catch people intentionally littering in our borough, we will take action.

“We’re working hard to make Wandsworth’s streets the cleanest in the capital – and for us to be successful we obviously rely on people doing their bit not to leave behind rubbish or make a mess in public areas.”

The Cleaner Wandsworth campaign features a variety of council services designed to take care of the borough’s streets.

The council recently launched a new approach to tackle flytipping – putting up posters of suspected flytippers in a bid to identify and prosecute them.

Alongside this, a roadshow has been touring the borough with a large Perspex box filled with rubbish that officers have found dumped on the streets - to highlight to local people the harmful impact of litter on neighbourhoods.

A fleet of special vehicles routinely patrols the streets and sweeps are often carried out near stations and other busy areas to fine litterbugs.

November 19, 2013

November 20, 2013