New Card To Help Disabled Children

Council launches card that helps disabled children get out and about

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WAND cards enable disabled children and young people aged 0-19 get concessions and extra support at venues around the borough. It was launched at Battersea Park Children’s Zoo by the deputy mayor of Wandsworth, Cllr Nicola Nardelli.

Youngsters on the council’s Disabled Children’s Register whose needs significantly impact on their ability to get around are eligible.

The card can be used as a form of ID to stop parents having to explain their child’s disabilities every time they go out. It can also be shown to get concessions at borough leisure centres and Battersea Park Children’s Zoo. More venues are expected to sign up to offer concessions soon.

Children’s Services spokesman Cllr Kathy Tracey said:
“Parents told us they wanted something to help them make the most of what Wandsworth has to offer disabled children and their families. They also said they found it awkward to explain their child’s disability each and every time they went out, and wanted ‘at a glance’ proof that their child needs more consideration.

“We hope that by creating the WAND Card we’ve made life just a little bit easier for families and richer for their children. I hope that everyone who is eligible applies for a card, and that venues across the borough sign up to the scheme.”

Any child or young person with special needs or disabilities can apply to be put on the Disabled Children’s Register. This enables families to get up to date information about relevant services, helps the council plan future services and gives children and young people and their parents a voice.

To find out about joining the register, who is eligible for a WAND Card and how businesses and venues can sign up to support the card contact Eleanor Thain or Lucia Daniels on (020) 8871 7899.

October 2, 2012