Inflation Busting Fare Rises Hit Wandsworth

Fiona Twycross, Labour Londonwide Assembly Member joined campaigners against fare rises

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On 6th January Fiona Twycross, Labour Londonwide Assembly Member joined campaigners across London who were protesting against Boris Johnson’s latest round of inflation busting fare rises. Despite promising to cap the New Year fare rises at inflation (which is 3.1%) fares on buses, some TfL rail services and many travelcards will go up above this level.

The above inflation rises for 2014 include:

- Bus and Tram Pay as You Go – up 3.6% to £1.45 - a 55p rise since 2008
- PAYG TfL Rail Services Zone 1 – up 4.8% to £2.20
- Zone 1-2 monthly Travelcard – up 3.3% to £120.60
- Zone 1-3 monthly Travelcard – up 3.4% to £141.40
- Zone 1-4 annual travelcard – up 3.2% to £1800

Fiona Twycross Londonwide Labour Assembly Member said:
“Despite his promises many transport fares in London will go up above inflation this month. Bus fares have now risen by over 60% since Boris became Mayor in 2008 and a Zone 1-4 Travelcard has increased by 3.2%. This couldn’t come at a worse time as Londoners continue to be hit by the cost of living crisis.

“We’ve seen food, fuel and rents all going up above inflation, rather than using his position to provide some much needed relief to Londoners Boris has whacked them up with another inflation busting fare rise. People are increasingly asking, whose side is he on?”

“To make matters worse these fare rises come at the same time as Boris is planning to cut 750 frontline station staff across our city. People will be paying more money for a worse service.”

Conservative London Assembly Member for Wandsworth, Richard Tracey, said: “Holding fares at inflation is a real achievement by the Mayor and one that Wandsworth residents will rightly welcome. Despite deciding to attack the policy, the Labour Party knows full well that an inflation increase will see some fares raised marginally over inflation whilst other fares are raised at less than inflation. However in order to criticise the decision they feign ignorance of this and cherry picks some examples to suit their case.

"Furthermore, whilst claiming to support lower fares, Labour have as far as I can remember opposed every decision or suggestion that would actually allow fares to be held down. Various policies would reduce the cost of London’s public transport – closure of out of date ticket offices, introducing commercial sponsorship into aspects of transport, bringing in driverless trains with automatic train control which is now well developed. Those who oppose these measures should accept that this would lead to higher fares.”

January 14, 2014