74 Trees Lost In The Borough Following Storm St Jude

‘Mayor must prioritise replacing street trees in the hardest storm hit areas’

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Tree down on Putney Embankment @simongladman

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Conservative London Assembly Member Richard Tracey is urging the Mayor to prioritise the replanting of Wandsworth’s lost public trees through existing tree programmes.

A month on since the St. Jude storm, London has lost at least 2,088 public trees, according to figures uncovered by Richard Tracey, 74 of them in Wandsworth.

“Now that the clean-up from the recent storm is underway, one of our priorities should be to help replant the hundreds of lost public trees, especially street trees in the hardest hit areas. Some boroughs have lost a substantial amount of trees with many more damaged. I urge the Mayor to do everything he can to support this by working in partnership with volunteer groups, boroughs and other organisations through his successful tree programmes.”

November 27, 2013