Prestigious Environment Award For Thames

River wins International Thiess prize for outstanding management and restoration

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The award of a prestigious international environment prize to the River Thames has been deemed a deserved accolade for the people and organisations behind the transformation of the river.

The International Thiess river prize is awarded annually in Australia for outstanding achievement in river management and restoration. It comes with prize money of over £200,000 which the Environment Agency, as river manager, will give to the Thames River Restoration Trust.

Celebrating the announcement, the agency points to the benefits of enhancement projects of many kinds and the restoration of 70kms of the Thames. Among the results is growing biodiversity including a remarkable 125 different fish species recorded.

The Thames is considered a shining example of river improvement which is replicated throughout the country. Water companies have played a big part in catchment enhancement and restoration, not least through the Water for Wildlife initiative with the Wildlife Trusts.

October 25, 2010