Richard Tracey Hails Transport Improvements In Putney

Welcoming news that "85% of buses on High Street will be clean"

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Richard Tracey, London Assembly Conservative Group transport spokesman, has welcomed the news of transport upgrades in his constituency.

Responding to a request from Mr Tracey for an update on the Northern Line Extension, the Mayor commented:
“This is an amazing scheme for London. It will involve the creation of 16,000 homes and 25,000 jobs. It will be a fantastic thing for jobs and growth in this city.”

The Mayor was also asked about more immediate improvements to transport in the capital, including the modernisation of the bus fleet, which he stated had brought about a “very substantial reduction in pollution of all kinds”. Welcoming the news of a rollout of new technology Mr Tracey said: “85% of the buses travelling along Putney High Street… will be clean buses”.

January 10, 2013