Increased Links For 'Town & Gown' Pledges Roehampton Uni SU President

Volunteering high on first woman president’s agenda

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Siobhan Kelly RSU president 2014-15

University of Roehampton

Roehampton Lane,
SW15 5PJ

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The first ever woman president of the University of Roehampton’s Students’ Union has just taken up her new position, with a pledge to increase links between ‘town and gown’ in Wandsworth through volunteering.

Siobhan Kelly, who graduated from the University this summer with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science, will be the elected head of the Union for the next 12 months. As well as increasing the numbers of student volunteers in local clubs, schools and charities, she has pledged to create even more enriching experiences for students while studying, so they are well prepared when they join the workforce.

Siobhan, 22, said: “As a union we think it’s important for our students to be involved in projects across the borough through our volunteering scheme so we want to give them the opportunity to work with residents to build skills and develop themselves, and to help local people as well.”

The Students’ Union already works closely with the Regenerate charity in Roehampton, now other charities, schools or social groups which think they could benefit from a student’s help are being invited to get in touch and see if a volunteer can be matched to them.

During her 12 months in office, Siobhan will be responsible for ensuring the student voice is heard and representing students on committees including the University’s senate and its council. Her work will include ensuring the University understands the Union’s plans and the projects it is involved in with the National Union of Students, as well as leading campaigns and student lifestyle initiatives.

Any not-for-profit organisations in Wandsworth who think they could benefit from a student volunteer should contact

August 15, 2014