Labrador Dies After Taking Dip In The Thames

22 month old dog caught under pontoon during high tide

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A 22 month old Labrador died after taking a dip in the Thames. Juno, who was out for a walk with her owner along Upper Mall, decided to jump into the river for a swim.

Unfortunately the tide was too high and too fast for her and, as she jumped in off the pontoon opposite Linden House, the water sucked her underneath it and she was unable to get herself out.

An eye witness from Thames Rowing Club said, "It was a truly tragic and freaky accident that happened in less than a couple of minutes. A brave rower jumped in to get her out, but it was sadly too late in spite of attempts to resuscitate her."

She continued, "Please pass on the warning to anyone you know whose dog is keen on water, never to let them onto the pontoons at high tide without a lead. As a lab owner myself I cannot begin to imagine the horror, shock and despair of the owners."

July 26, 2010